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Parades and Masquerades  

Parades et Mascarades is a choreographic and costume creation workshop, led by Laurie Peschier-Pimont and Baptiste Pichaud, for a CM1 / CM2 class from the Jean Moulin school and a class of   6th at Sophie Germain college in the Malakoff district in Nantes, at the invitation of Lieu Unique as part of the Malakolu project.  


Parades and Masquerades  dreams of a carnival of adorned and costumed bodies to embark on the parade space.  

The group is the setting for the parade of each of its members, in a dance of confrontation and seduction. By borrowing elements of adornment, strategies of seduction, threat and camouflage from the animal kingdom, the workshop will produce a parade as a ritual of passage to assert its presence and its particularity in the world.


Building on the film  The gallant Indies  by the director Clément Cogitore, adaptation of part of the ballet Les Indes galantes by Jean-Philippe Rameau, with the help of a group of Krump dancers and three associated choreographers, Parades and Mascarades will each train  in its fierce and lyrical dance potential.


This workshop foreshadows the project  Parades, led by Laurie Peschier-Pimont,  The Baptists  and the collective  Androgyne , for the Magnetic Fields # 3 event in September 2019.

The actors of the workshop will be invited to open the evening ballroom.

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