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Champs Magnétiques • 3rd edition
Saturday septembre 7 2019 • Lieu Unique • Nantes
Choreographic journey • 14h to 02h

The professional day "Escapade" organized by Musique et Danse en Loire Atlantique at the Domaine de la Garenne Lemot will take place on Thursday 9 September. We are invited to offer walks there - thought of as informal ways to meet professionals and share together what drives us and interests us in this complex and sensitive period, as well as our work. The intention of these walks is therefore to give a slightly different tone to the notion of meeting and to divert it in the form of a game, by referring to an expression here tinged with the second degree.

By literally "beating around the bush" - that is to say by taking circular paths that echo the landscape architecture of the place - but also by opting for a unique way of presenting our artistic approach and the projects that we hold dear. heart, a way that takes time and creates the space conducive to meeting.

Five artists - Aëla Labbé, Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Aline Landreau, Bryan Campbell and Stéphane Imbert - will offer gentle and delicate walks, made of detours, indirect paths and secret perspectives. For everyone, it is a question of highlighting their career, their works and artistic interests, through the multiple points of view and the particular poetry of this site and the landscapes it conceals.

Walks to dialogue with professionals, therefore, while remaining attentive to the place imagined by Count Lemot, rich in his constellation of factories, and who immediately invites us to this exercise in peripateticism.

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