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→ The meetings since 2014

Since 2014, the founding artists of Météores have been imagining and organizing events in the city of Nantes. These events provide audiences with access to emerging contemporary choreographic creations. They favour the multiplicity of formats, aesthetics and political concerns. Participating artists move their creations out of the usual frames and explore new approaches to dance, while audiences are invited to engage in various experiences outside of the conventional theatre space.

These events bring artists and audiences closer together, opening a sensitive dialogue that favours creative emulation and the renewal of forms.

Welcoming collaborators from diverse backgrounds and offering each year a carte blanche to an artist from Pays de la Loire, these events are thought of as a unique time to share challenging artistic proposals with audiences in a framework that is constantly renewed. 

For the last four years, Météores has cultivated and maintained partnerships with several cultural venues in Nantes while consistently engaging with new collaborators in order to reach out to a larger and larger audience.

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