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First trained at the conservatory of Nantes, then of Lyon,Lea Vinettethen trained in dance and choreography at the ArtEZ art school in the Netherlands from 2013 to 2017. After her studies, Léa worked with various choreographers (Liat Magnezy, Ido Batash, Michèle-Anne de Mey, and Rakesh Sukesh). In 2014, Léa met Florence Augendre and her work in fasciapulsology applied to dance. This practice becomes a real physical and intellectual research, and an important tool in his own creative work. In 2020, Léa follows the training in Charleroi Danse in dance and choreographic practices with in particular Mark Tompkins, Boris Charmatz, Lia Rodrigues, Nora Chipaumire. She also trained during several masterclasses (Christos Papadopoulos, Maud Le Pladec, Cindy van Acker, Seydou Boro, Germaine Acogny). She is invited for a laboratory with Ambra Senatore in 2019. In 2021, Léa participates in the creation Lilith by Marion Blondeau as a choreographic external gaze.

Léa divides her time between her work as a performer and as a choreographer. Currently, she works as a performer with Louise Vanneste-Rising Horses (earths,METAKUST), Michèle Murray-PLAY (Duos/Collisions and Combustions,Wilder Shores), Tabea Martin (Geh nicht in den Wald, im Wald ist der Wald), Marielle Morales (M-Waves), and the company La Drache (best cantata).

Since 2020, Léa has been developing her work as a choreographer in the territories of Nantes and Brussels. She creates her first piece in November 2022, the solo Nox, at the Nantes CCN in co-production with the Soufflerie. Currently, she is developing the duo Our FIRES, scheduled for March 2024 at the CNDC in Angers as part of the Conversations festival.

Léa combines a visceral and carnal physicality with sensitive writing. It is the raw and brutal nature of man that interests him, his sometimes bubbling energy that agitates and moves him, between emotions and reason. To express this vitality and the beauty of contrasts, she works with electric, alert, and spontaneous bodies.

Léa Vinette's projects are supported by Météores in delegated production.

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