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For this third creation, Léa Vinette is interested in the relationship between movement and music in the choreographic writing of a trio, with musical polyphony at the center offering multiple spaces to express our different facets. Unlike Nox and Nos FEUX, ÉCLATS will be built around a unique musical work and silence in order to explore the way in which music summons emotions, stimulates the imagination and influences gesture, movement and space.


Concept and performance: Léa Vinette

Performance : Léa Vinette and two others performers (in progress)

Sound creation: in progress

Lights and technical manager : in progress

Costumes: in progress

Dramaturgy : Sara Vanderieck 

Artistic advice : Simon van der Zande

Administration, production: Charlotte Giteau

Touring: Anaïs Guilleminot


Delegate production

Meteores - choreographic platform



Cndc, Angers ; Network Tremplin (artist support by this network, of wich the TU Nantes, Danses à tous les étages, CDCN Chorège Falaise Normandie, cie 29.27 / SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS, Nantes - artist invited), CDCN Les Hivernales


Grand Studio, Bruxelles


Création octobre 2026

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