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The Wild Art School

The Ecole d’art sauvage is a teaching and performing situation which can be activated in various contexts using perception, choreographic games, imaginative body movement, group performances. It places the body, the individual, movement, landscape, imagination in the centre of its work challenging the traditional notion of learning. It positions choreographical art as a central point of view, in order to encourage another approach to teaching in art schools. The possibilities of the Ecole d’art sauvage are multiple : within the public or private teaching framework, festivals, events, long term partnerships.

On each occasion it is inspired by the local environment in order to develop both an educational and fictional performance, taking into account the knowledge of body movement of those present, their artistic preoccupations, their imagination, power of action, ability or lack of ability in order to bring out the questions which mobilise the group and the context. It uses the tools and methodology of choreography, visual arts, sound, landscapes, somatics, confident in the transversality of the points of view, tools and methodologies. It brings together a team of varied (non-) capacities. L’Ecole d’art sauvage is dedicated to the study of the notion of « mandscape », landscape in movement.


Choreographers, performers, teachers  Laurie Peschier-Pimont & Lauriane Houbey 

artists, theoreticians, researchers, guests Marcher Camper Flotter team, May 2016 edition Jérémy Damian, Fabienne Compet, Marion Lihoreau

Executive production Météores

Administration, production Charlotte Giteau 


May 2016 – Marcher Camper Flotter – 2nd edition of the festival of the platform think think think – Nantes

ENSA-Limoges – « An art academy in 2017 ? » – 150th aniversary of the school, 2017- 2018



Magazine A bras le corps, Smaranda Trifan 


Image : ©Marion Jdanoff

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