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I gnaw my cursed wings and crash down on an untouched land where I am a monster undercover.

Because of my eyes slanted by your pliers, my gaze is diffracting and releasing a blurred identity. 

The starting point here is an assembly between the body, the voice and everyday objects. These materials are often misused, disarticulated and curved, their clattering causing a truncated transmutation.

It is an inaccurately monstrous solo that conjures an aggregate of performative elements, which embody rotting, crappy images, up. It is like an interruption in the middle of a process.

This set of practices and speculations reveals the hypothetical potential of a human physicality that absurdly dodges normativity, as a distortion of legitimacy and as a joke about the dominant ideas in society's unconscious.

My intention is to explore an ambiguity that subverts the prosaic, through a recurring thematic of monsters, these fantastic creatures representing the margins of society, my unconscious and my interiority repressed.

Funkenstein propagates a confused perception and disseminates an affective ambivalence.

Creation et performance   Kidows Kim 

Light Design, Stage Manager  Marie Sol Kim 

Artistic support Lucille Belland

Executive production Météores 

Production, administration Charlotte Giteau 

Tour management Clémence Voidies



Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


With the support of 

Master exerce 2018/2020 ICI-CCN Montpellier Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée ; PAD invitated by cie Nathalie Béasse ; CND Centre national de la danse (rehearsal studio)


Artistic support Lucille Belland, Pauline L.Boulba, DD Dorvillier, Kazuki Fujita, Myrto Katsiki, Jennifer Lacey, Anne Kerzerho, Fuyuhiko Takata et cohue.


May 8 & 9, 2021 – Festival RAKETE – Tanzquartier Wien (Austria) – pre-premiere - cancelled, replaced by an online presentation of a video performance from May 15 to 17

June 29 & 30, 2021 – Belluard Bollwerk International Festival – Fribourg (Switzerland) – premiere

September 10, 2022 - Plastique Danse Flore Festival, Versailles

January 12 and 13 2023 - GO GO GO Festival / Le Grütli, Geneva (Switzerland)

December 8 and 9 2023 - La Ménagerie de verre / Les Inaccoutumés Festival - Paris

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