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High Gear

With HIGH GEAR, Kidows Kim begins the third chapter of his intimate cosmogony depicted in his “Dictionary of Fantastic Creatures”. In this solo performed by Kazuki Fujita, he excavates alternative manga imagery evoking relationships with power, norms and domination.

Without ever reproducing them, a figure confusedly embodies the images collected by oscillating between horror, dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic. In these worlds tinged with patriarchy, imperialism and the promotion of hyper-productivity, it seeks to divert the codes and free herself from their toxicity. The body is smothered by a sculpture of metal and dilapidated fabrics, it evolves as best it can in the ashes of saturated images and industrial noises.

HIGH GEAR explores the intervals between the panels in an abrupt dramaturgy where excess hybridizes with reverie.


Choreography Kidows Kim

Interpretation Kazuki Fujita

Dramaturgy Hubert Crabières

Josiane Martinho costume

Creation of metal sculpture Célia Boulesteix

Sound designer Samir Kennedy

Text reflection Lucille Belland

Delegated production Météores

Production, administration Charlotte Giteau


ICI-CCN Montpellier – Occitanie / Pyrénées Méditerranée - Direction Christian Rizzo 


La Bellone, Bruxelles ; CN D Centre national de la danse ; The Saison Foundation, Japan: invitation as "Visiting fellow" in 2023, with the support of : The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2023 

Visual Hubert Crabières

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