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In KABUKI theater, the KUROKO are “characters” dressed entirely in black and without faces who essentially have the roles of assistants or puppeteers.

We have several “selves” in our daily lives. I use many faces in my life. I select one of these faces depending on the occasion, a bit like in a game of cards. But the “me” in relation to the world is only a small part of who I am. The attitudes and feelings I express to others hide many layers of feelings and thoughts. I don’t think I fully grasp and understand the great variety of characters that inhabit me. Some of these may be hidden by fear or deliberately ignored. The more I try to get to the bottom of myself, the less sure I am of my own form. I am not a fixed character, but a collection of many characters.

I believe that I have, like everyone else, KUROKO inside me. They are “there without being there”. In Japanese < kuroko ni tessuru > means “to work for someone, arrange their affairs, solve their problems, without anyone knowing, always staying behind.” It’s an attitude that expects no reward. Normally KUROKO is not the center of the story. He is in the service of another. In this room, my hidden efforts and fears to be here are revealed by the appearance of KUROKO. I would like to show how violent we are with ourselves, how hard we work to be here, how KUROKO never gave up on me. It will be a solo but with several presents from KUROKO.


Choreography, performance: Ikue Nakagawa

Light: Ryoya Fudetani

Lighting management Matthieu Vergez

Scenography: Camille Panza and Léonard Cornevin

Musical composition, DJ: Patrick Belmont

Artistic advice: Lorenzo De Angelis, Taka Shamoto et Salomé Genès

Delegated production Météores

Administration, production: Charlotte Giteau

Broadcast: Anaïs Guilleminot


Co-productions Charleroi Danse, Brussels; Cndc Angers; La Balsamine, Brussels

Support Grand Studio; AD Lib’s Residencies; The BAMP; La Bellona; Paris CDCN workshop; CCN Ballet du Nord / Roubaix; Center Wallonia Brussels

Paris ; Teatro Municipal San Pedro, Alcanena

With the support of the Wallonia Brussels Federation (research grant)


March 2025: Conversations Festival /CNDC Angers: French premieres

April 11, 12, 2025: Charleroi Danse, Brussels: Belgian premieres

Season 2025-2026: Balsamine Theater, Brussels (dates to be specified)

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