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Laurie Peschier-Pimont is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Since 2008 she has developed choreographic projects, performances, teaching projects and regularly collaborates in publishing spheres.

Her training has been through dance companies, an academic course at CNR in Grenoble, a master’s degree in History of Art and political, recreational and aesthetic activism within the independent group 400 couverts (Grenoble). From 2006 - 2007 she continued her choreographic training at Essais, CNDC Angers – under Emmanuelle Huynh.

 Laurie Peschier-Pimont questions the conditions necessary for the emergence of collective movement, for artistic creation projects run in art and design acadamies in collaboration with Lauriane Houbey _ INUI : Matriceat ESBAA Nantes-Metropole, Le Travail de l’Artat ESAD Le Havre-Rouen, Exposer exploser explorerat ENSA Limoges, L’Edition performéeat ESAD Grenoble and EESAB Quimper.  The group is considered as a dynamic environment, sensitive to its scenic surroundings, a constellation of particularities in movement, forming a powerful entity. At present Waving and Childhood Manifesto,choreographic creations in tandem with Lauriane Houbey, elaborate these group and environmental notions, such as « mandscape » - landscape in movement.

Together with her work as a performer she has worked on various publications : Expansion Bleue within Se Rendre created by Lieux Commun – Jocelyn Cottencin, Matrice, édition performée, plus a carte blanche for the special issue of the Revue 303 « Performance, happening and body art » and Le Travail de l’Art, a paper with Nicolas Couturier – gui.

She has collaborated with various urban projects of Ici-Même (Grenoble) : Un peu plus à l’est de chez moi, Concerts de sons de ville, Agences de Conversations, Traversées d’extrémités, La ville une nuit entière. She has worked with Aline Landreau, Béryl Breuil and Antoine Monzoni-Calvet on Locomotive, a sound and choreographic creation. She has created the performance Expansion Bleueand Expansion Orange,a performance elaborated with the film-maker Judith Cahen.

As a dancer, she has danced for Alain Michard, Mille Plateaux Associés, Annie Delichères, Mari Orts, Emmanuelle Huynh and Nicolas Floc’h, Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, Marianne Baillot. At the present time she is dancing for Dominique Brun in Sacre N° 2,a historical recreation in extenso of Vaslav Nijinski’s Sacre du Printemps, as well as in L’Après midi d’un faune of the same author.

 She has learnt to surf in order to augment her perception and imagination for the choreographic projects Waving and Childhood Manifesto.

Laurie Peschier Pimont is co-founders of Météores.

Météores manages the production of her projects.

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