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Long night
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September 26, 2015  
from 19h

19:00 public reception

19:30 guided tour of the exhibitions

20:00  The primary gesture  Aline Landreau / Antoine Monzonis-Calvet

20:30  Anaisss  Pauline Brottes

20:50  Russian doll # 1  Emi SH Combet

21:00 dinner

22:00 raffle • 1st draw

22:15  Back to Varanasi  sluggish

23:25  Russian doll # 2  Emi SH Combet

23:35  Dance revolution  Baptiste Sorin / Delphine Le Goué

23:45  dj Paulette Sauvage

00:40 raffle • 2nd draw

1:00  guided tour of the exhibitions

1:30 programming videos  

Kino - Painting  Rébécca Digne

Pelzwerk  Mareike engelhardt

utus  Aline Landreau

Monumental  (extract)  Jocelyn Cottencin

2:00  surprise movie

2:30  Ukiyo-e drift  Laurie Peschier-Pimont

5:00  Anaisss  Pauline Brottes

5:45  Russian doll # 3  Emi SH Combet

6:15  Waving  workshop  Laurie Peschier-Pimont

7:15  [incantation] You, me and the cello  (breakfast)  Manon Rolland / Marie Grier  


The work of art Laurie Peschier-Pimont / Nicolas Couturier

From Texas with love Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz

Trio for Jacques Marie Orts

Reflections Vaïda Budrevičiūtė

The Primary Gesture

Aline Landreau / Antoine Monzonis-Calvet

installation performance

25 minutes

In a minimalist drift where sound and light phenomena shape the environment, multiple and sometimes tiny interactions with a place unfold, from indifference to incorporation.

Le Geste Primaire summons visions, persistence, sometimes cinematographic and photographic, so that the gestures that populate our interiors, these primordial spaces of retreat, become observable.

In this way, a relationship with habitat is redrawn, a border space between interiority and exteriority, just as much as the founding notion of perspective.

In this collaborative project, where roles and functions themselves seem slippery, it is indeed a question of disturbing the point of view, this enigmatic place from which we look and listen, or even project, remember and fantasize.


Back to Vanarasi



60 minutes

Just as reality is recreated each time the past is reformulated, atone seeks through the Back to Varanasi project to retrace its sound universe and to reconstruct the present.

Always using the same tones, rhythms or melodic scales in the creation of this project, he puts them on stage to the test of distortions, filtering, effects and remixes.

sluggishness plays not on stage but behind images, which are the blurry memories of trains, streets or faces.

Back to Varanasi, it is the desire to return to travel in the streets of this mythical city of India. And we travel perhaps just as much by projecting ourselves into the idea of leaving or into the stories fabricated upon return.

Composing music also means projecting yourself into what you could develop as sound material, and telling what you experienced while playing it. The moment when we play it escapes us ceaselessly and we can only try in vain to find it.


Dance Revolution

Baptiste Sorin / Delphine Le Goué


10 minutes  

A performance, a sermon.

The starting point is an electronic mix of Osunlade “Yoruba classic Mix”, in which a remix of the text of HMSN “Just True House People” touched me.

These words evoke the potential spaces of freedom offered by dance and music. They let us glimpse a field of possibilities where all identities are admitted.

The first step was to learn and understand this English-speaking text. Then to incorporate these words in order to transmit them, to make it exist. Give them a shape, materials, one or more bodies.

Delfine Le Goué will accompany the performance with a live musical composition.

DJ Paulette Sauvage

Ukiyo-e drift

Laurie Peschier-Pimont

night city walk

2 hours 30

To slip into the time of the night, to watch for those who sleep, to walk between the impermanence and impertinences of the city. Glean daytime sensations, the states of a wavering group, ephemeral cards and random music.  

Come back with the image of a floating world?

Dress code: headlamps & comfortable shoes


Waving - oceanic practice

Laurie Peschier-Pimont

perceptual and choreographic practice

50 minutes

For the choreographic project Waving, “oceanic practices” are developing, that is to say dance practices that combine perceptions, movement, imagination and oceanic feeling. An exploration of his body-environment in relation to the mass-ocean and the entities that compose it. An awakening in the depths?

[incantation] You, me and the cello

Manon Rolland


About 1 hour

"When the world which immediately surrounds the individual does not suggest anything out of the ordinary, when it seems to allow him to continue his habits (being indifferent to his designs and constituting neither a great help nor a hindrance), we can say that the individual experiences appearances as 'natural' or 'normal'. "

GOFFMAN Erwing, The Staging of Daily Life II - Relationships in Public p. 228  


Pauline Brottes

performance / reading

Anaïssss is a choreographic performance freely inspired by the Journal of Love  by Anaïs NIN. Woman of letters, known in particular for her erotic literature, Anaïs NIN rubs shoulders with the intelligentsia of the 1930s, and develops romantic, artistic or analytical relationships with figures such as Henri MILLER, Antonin ARTAUD, Otto RANK ...

In her journals, she engages in fine and sensitive analyzes of her relationships, her neuroses, her artistic and literary commitments. It offers day-to-day research around its desires, its paradoxes, its mechanisms of thought and action.

Pauline BROTTES meets the writing of Anaïs NIN and perceives in her words a perpetual struggle to legitimize her freedoms in her own eyes and in the eyes of others. She is thus struck by the great topicality of her fights, which she assimilates to a Queer approach, and decides to give substance to her words. She starts from the premise that Anaïs Nin is a woman who has never stopped playing, with herself - questioning herself a lot, contradicting herself and surprising herself.  - and with others, by choosing what she says / presents about her and by adopting different postures according to the contexts and relationships she goes through. Anaissss  thus presents a female character who plays at embodying different levels of thoughts, speech and body. A schizophrenic journey of an over-inhabited body. As well as the  Love diary  remains at the border between lived experience and fantasy, everyday writing and creation, Anaïssss  tries to blur the lines between fictional character and reality.

Russian doll  

Emi SH Combet

performance / recital / intimate version

Emi writes about what she lives, what she feels, about the people she meets, she also writes on the walls and on her skin. Russian Doll offers a poetic imprint of a daily posture engaged in her life as a nomadic artist and Queer feminist. Through her songs, she addresses the issues that transform her and thus shares some anecdotes from her personal mythology.



Video programming

Kino Painting

Rébécca Digne

1 min

Rebecca Digne's camera takes pleasure in entering the material  : action becomes matter, matter becomes film.


Unveiling, covering, choosing, looking: simple but decisive gestures.

Clément Dirié on the work of Digne


Mareike engelhardt

8 mins


Aline Landreau

11 min

The video object is intended to be a visible and persistent echo of a sound installation designed for the dark and for a multiplied sensory environment, of which no trace remains except for a phantasmagorical map.  

By offering a journey in full light of the reality of fabrics, a kind of memorial resurgence takes place, both individual and community, in an assembly structured like a weaving, anchored in the history of humanity and its adornments. , but also in that of the dance trends that emerged from this institution.


Jocelyn Cottencin  

excerpts - 15 min

“Monumental” is a performance and a film. Monuments, architectures, statues, works of art are the basis of a visual score interpreted by a group of 12 performers and choreographers according to a defined space and time constraints. “Monumental” brings into play the question of the emission and reception of images. Through statuary, architectural heritage and works in public space, the project through this group of performers shifts the notions of figure,  story and form. Each selected monument is decoded and restored by actions, movements and displacements.



From Texas with Love

Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz


From Texas with love is an epistolary exchange between a Texas rancher,  Ted Coleman and a young fitness teacher in Paris, Pam. Despite the thousands of km that separate them physically and the hundreds of miles of cultural differences, they manage to create an intimate bond by appealing to keywords, referring images and the imagination of the other.


The work of Art  

Laurie Peschier-Pimont / Nicolas Couturier

exhibition / graphic plates

The work of art is an edition concocted by Laurie Peschier-Pimont and Nicolas Couturier, from a series of eponymous workshops given within a Research and Creation Workshop at the Superior School of Art and Design Le Havre - Rouen.

This edition is conceived as a journal in several sections, with on the one hand the protocol for playing the work of art, and on the other a phantasmagoria of the artists in the form of a comic strip, made from the materials produced during the workshops.

The exhibition presents a series of boards from the editorial work, and pays homage to the sleeper as a central figure in the work of art.



Vaida Budrevičiūtė

exhibition / photographic diptych

Starting from the word reflex, evoking photography, Reflections is an approach in which people can see, discover and evaluate themselves, one serving as a mirror to others and vice versa. It is also a way of reflecting, through the force of artistic intervention, the image of man struggling with the degradation of his surrounding environment.

For several years, I have been experimenting with matter in photography through the use of earth, clay, and natural pigments on the body. I am looking for symbolic, aesthetically committed connections between body, color, material and the environment. I try to reflect here current issues, in particular the disruption of our intimate and fundamental reference points. This work I named it "  Reflections  ".

Since 2014, I have come a long way around the printing of the alternative photo. The concrete manipulation of my photographs, like my intervention throughout the photographic process, has become essential. This new practice, a real change of position, strongly influenced my way of working, my vision of photographic possibilities, and caused the emergence of another type of photographic material in creation.


Trio for Jacques

Marie Orts

video, dance and marine documentary

30 minutes

In a research residence on the aquatic environment, the Laisse de la Plage de Telgruc-sur-Mer welcomed our transformations into aquatic beings. The video Trio pour Jacques is the result of a non-learned collage between recordings of these dances and a documentary by Jacques Perrin. Between gestures and words, gaps, coincidences, our eye seeks to produce links between what we see and what we hear.

This video is the starting point for a choreographic creation called Pour Jacques. Since then, we have sought to reverse the screen and make air our ocean.

Graphic design: Aline Landreau

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