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Match takes its starting point from James Porter's stunning work "Invert", inspired by György Ligeti's "Symphonic Poem for 100 Metronomes". The apparent simplicity of the installation draws previously unknown imaginary soundscapes and reveals a tangle of rhythms, from crash to purity and balance. Echoing, the movement is superimposed on the work and borrows rhythmic and choreographic cells which unfold in parallel. The two bodies then take a partitional path bringing them closer to each other.


Choreography and interpretation AmieAmi - Pauline Bigot and Steven Hervouet

Installation - Invert (from the work “Symphonic Poem for 100 Metronomes” by György Ligeti) performed, designed and constructed by James Porter

Delegated production Météores

Production, administration Charlotte Giteau

Diffusion Clémence Voidies

Premiere on Saturday October 7, 2023 at the Francine Vasse Theater - Les Laboratoires Vivants, Nantes

Photographs: Clara Baudry

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