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Meteors are made
Residence from June 21 to 26, 2014 at the Fabrique Dervallières , followed by a public opening night on June 26 from 6.30 p.m.

→ Open a space-time for reflection and practice for members of Météores

The residency at the Fabrique Dervallières from June 21 to 26 made it possible to devote four whole days to a reflection by the practice on questions which run through the works of the artists gathered at the  within the Météores platform, whether they are the founders, or the guest artists especially for this occasion. The artists working on multiple educational, editorial, visual and performative devices, this time opened up a precious space for discussion.  - too rare in our opinion for emerging choreographers - and activation of the lines of work.

→ Share experiments with audiences

Benefiting from the complex tool that is the Fabrique Dervallières space for this residence and for the public opening night, we wanted to both confront our work in the eyes of the public but also to enhance the reception area by making circulate the spectators between three of its spaces: the refectory, the courtyard and the studio on the 2nd floor.

Projects presented:

Expressionismmm an improvised proposal by Aline Landreau

Living art must die or disappear , creation in progress, by Teresa Acevedo

This solo in the form of a triptych was born in July 2013. It is fueled by an extremely strong need to open the field of reflection and exchange around the question of the survival of living art, of the art of show in our society.

Teresa Acevedo is a choreographer, dancer and actress. Trained at the Toulouse CDC, the Montpellier CCN and the Royaumont / Transforme Foundation, she has been working since 2005 between Spain, France, Germany and Portugal.

Russian doll , performative recital by Emi Sri Hartati Combet, creation in progress

In her choreographic and performative adventures, Emi reacts to what she experiences and what she feels. She writes about the people she meets, she also writes on the walls and on her skin. With Poupée Russe, she searches around a poetic imprint of a committed daily posture of nomadic choreographic artist and queer feminist.

Untitled 2014 , loop installation by Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz, mixed media

By working on dance as one might work on a video work, Untitled 2014 is a first body installation specially designed for the Fabrique Dervallières space.

Three stories for a project , Laurie Peschier-Pimont with the participation of Sonia Czernichowski-Lauriol

After having proposed different formats of project stories  Matrix - performance edition, performance conference - Laurie proposes to end this recitative season with a 3-step drift  and not necessarily in the order: a geopoetic practice, an archive work, a carte blanche to publish in the journal 303.


Météores thanks Raissa Kim and Vanina Andréani as well as all the members of the office of the association and Gabrielle Jarrier who collaborate with a lot of generosity, energy and professionalism so that the project exists.

Thanks  :

to Marie Chapelain for the invitation to invest in the Fabrique Dervallières,

to Reynald Drouhin for the visual,

to Baptiste Sorin and Pauline Brottes for the help and organization of the evening,

to Stéphane Menti for taking pictures,

to DJ Strapontin for the musical set

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