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A show for young audiences • from 7 years old

If one primarily knows the myth thanks to Ovid, this contemporary Narcissus immerses us in a continuum of metamorphoses within a shifting world.
We sail between the familiar and the uncanny, amidst the whimsical and the burlesque, in a choreographic, sonorous and plastic composition crafted for the young audience.
The piece constitutes a sensitive critique of our society, probing the very essence of our gaze and our attentiveness.
Narcisse also narrates the imperativeness of departing from the realm of innocence to attain the political dimension of the adult world, where spring signifies not only revival but also rebellion.


Concept Aline Landreau

Choreography and performance Aline Landreau, Raphaël Dupin

Music and light Antoine Monzonis-Calvet

Scenography and costumes Aline Landreau with the support of the team

Outside eye Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz

Executive production : Météores

Residencies and coproductions : TU Nantes, La Place de la Danse CDC de Toulouse, Cndc Angers

with the support of : DRAC Pays de la Loire, Département Loire Atlantique, Département Loire Atlantique, Ville de Nantes, Adami and Spedidam

Residencies : CCN Ballet du Nord Roubaix, Libre Usine, Nantes, CDCN Le Pacifique Grenoble


CNDC Angers, Conversations festival : March 14 and 15 2023

TU Nantes : March 24 to 26 2023

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