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On va s'aimer

ON VA S'AIMER is a cartography of the space of attraction between two persons and a portrait of the lover questioning the ideal of fusion from which we inherit ancient myths, and giving to see an approach of the couple at the same time familiar and in margin of certain norms. To question this moment when two beings jump and slide towards each other with fluidity, we will put in play two different sources of inspiration: figure skating, and the literary figures of "Fragments d'un discours amoureux" by Roland Barthes.

Choreography and performance   AmieAmi - Pauline Bigot et Steven Hervouet 

Sound design Jonathan Kingsley-Seilman

Light Design  Léa Maris 

Executive production Météores 

Production, administration Charlotte Giteau 


Théâtre Francine Vasse, Nantes ; Ballet Preljocaj – Pavillon noir, Aix-en-Provence ; Les Moulins de Paillard



CN D Centre national de la danse, Pantin


Creation in 2025

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