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Series • Female body

Losing Paradise is a proposal that brings together the iconography of so-called classical art and current political situations.
By questioning the representations of youth, women, men and their social roles in a white and europocentric art, the artist arranges codes and images in order to produce strangely familiar situations.

Paradise, Nantes, September 2017

They were specialty dancers which means they weren't strippers , although they said they should've been because they would've made a lot more money explores in the form of visual and sound editing the viewer's relationship to re-produced images, suggested and those proposed by the personal imagination. This project is specially designed for the Entre-deux space.

Entre-deux, Nantes, October 2016

Hors Lit avec Lola is a work inspired by the documentary film Au lit avec Madonna .
He questions the possibility of recreating the intimate when it is part of the work done on a daily basis.
By offering site-specific work in a private apartment, the eye of the camera is replaced by the various interior windows and door frames that invite the viewer to create their own montage.

Outside Beds, Nantes, June 2014

The art of dance can hardly be separated from the art of seduction. Sometimes explicitly, often unconsciously, the bodies of the dancers seek in spite of themselves to seduce the public.
Potentially Happy features Mona Paradise, River Sprinkle and Lola who take turns stripping to charm the audience. Can we choreograph sensations? Emotions? A relationship?

These are the questions posed by this quirky black and white cabaret.

Silencio, Paris, October 2014


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