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Si loin Si proche

Si loin si proche is the shifted version of the existing solo Corpus

An insistence. An hybridisation. A formatting.
A recycling of the initial choreographic object's material and of the matters composing it.

Voices, myths, fictions appearing.

Masses, agglomerates, concretions taking and loosing their shape.
Strips, skins, seaweeds, shells.
Persona, gestures. That unfold and unveil.
Tangled presences, this time in a common horizontal space.
A millefeuille of coexisting bodies, differently close to one another.
In the subtle bath of crossed perceptions.
So that nothing creates any screen.
Confrontation. Bareness.
One will remove the plies. Multiply the surfaces of contact. 
And see each thing arise.



Cast in progress
Conception, choreography, performance Aline Landreau
Artistic collaboration, sound and light design Antoine Monzonis-Calvet
Scenography, costumes Aline Landreau
Outside eye Alice Gautier


Executive production Météores
Administration Charlotte Giteau

Partners • Touring

Fall 2021 – FRAC Pays de la Loire, Nantes 

Fall 2021 – Tanzfabrik Berlin 

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