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This project begins with a drawing that I made thinking of my father who was fighting his illness and the members of my family who remained around him to surround him and give him the best they had. TAMANEGI means "onion" in Japanese. In this particular moment, I drew my family as an onion, as if the onion represented the structure of family relationships.


From the common root emerges a flesh whose layers widen but grow in the same direction. Each of the layers gradually moves away from the center and protects all the others, down to the smallest which renews the heart of the structure. Like in a family where the older ones protect the younger ones. Similarly, the skin of the onion getting thinner as it gets bigger is similar to how we become weaker and weaker as we age.

There is in particular a notion that interests me a lot and that I cannot translate into French.

"見守る/MIMAMORU" This word is composed with two kanji (ideogram):

見る(MIRU) = to watch, and 守る(MAMORU) = to protect.

It is a kind of attention/action that is almost intangible and yet quite concrete, real. An attention that we will never be sure of having received, and which is nonetheless constitutive.

It is typically this type of invisible and inexpressible activity which governs family ties and which I wish to formulate plastically and choreographically to share.


As in my previous show, human-sized puppets dialogue with my body, but here, to construct a representation of family structures and dynamics; structures in which entangled lives pre-exist and give way to each other, disappear and leave traces that subsequent generations re-appropriate.


Concept and choreography, performance: Ikue Nakagawa
Dramaturgy collaboration: Lorenzo De Angelis

Light: Octavio Mas

Scenography construction: Val Macé

Outside view: Masako Hattori

Music: Patrick Belmont

Puppet technique advice: Noemie Vincart

Delegated production Météores

Production administration: Charlotte Giteau

Broadcast: Anaïs Guilleminot

Production delegated to creation: AMA Arts Management Agency - France Morin, Cécile Perrichon and Anna Six


Co-productions: Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danse, C-TAKT, Le Vivat, La Place de la Danse - CDCN Toulouse/Occitanie

Supports: Le BAMP, La Bellone, La Briqueterie - CDCN Val-de-Marne, National Choreographic Center of Roubaix / Ballet du Nord

With the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

This project is in partnership with Le BAMP.

Thanks: Taka Shamoto, Benoît Priels

Creation on March 24, 25, 26, 2022 - Les Brigittines, Brussels (Belgium)


November 28, 29, 20, 2023 - La Balsamine, Brussels (Belgium)

October 25, 26 - La Grande Scène, Clermont-Ferrand (France)

November 30, 2022 - Le Vivat, Armentières (France)

December 3, 2024 - CDCN Chorège, Falaise / Le Sablier, Ifs

March 29, 2025 - L’Etoile du Nord, Paris

May 27, 2025 - Dance on all floors, Rennes

June 25, 2025 - Le Manège de Reims / Choreographic laboratory

The play benefits from distribution assistance from the Petites scènes Ouvertes network.

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