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Terre-plein proposes a research to create a territory that would serve as a dock, like a median, to consolidate our bipedal sensations.
Terre-plein seeks a new stability through/with/thanks to the bodies others, despite external hazards.
Terre-plein attempts to renew our understanding of the inhabited and shaped world, to share it through ways of settling down, moving around and taking root.
Terre-plein composes a base, a compost, a mesh, that is to say a supporting fabric, both attentive and protective.
Terre-plein suggest that the mutation of our attention to ourselves and to others becomes central. And therefore, may each of our thought movements be an essential resource for our future.
Terre-plein refocuses us on the essential, on the invisible, on the bonds that hold us together.



Conception Aline Landreau

Performance Aline Landreau, Raphaël Dupin, Ariana Aragno

Music Antoine Monzonis-Calvet

Light designer Antoine Monzonis-Calvet, Aline Landreau

Beatbox Camille Vigean aka Hutch

Scenography and costumes Aline Landreau

Artistic collaboration et support of the process Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz

Exécutive Producer Météores

Partners (in progress)

Residencies : CN D, Centre national de la danse ; SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS, Nantes

Creation 2025

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